Rumour: Amazon to unveil Kindle e-book reader next Monday


kindle-amazon.jpgOkay, I’ve reported before on a predicted launch for Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, and it didn’t happen in October as rumoured. So maybe take this with a pinch of salt, but Amazon is apparently now going to launch the device next Monday in New York. CNET says it, blame them if it’s lies!

Anyway, their story has bags of info. Kindle will have built-in Wi-Fi tying into an Amazon e-book store, similar to Apple’s iTunes Wi-Fi Store on the iPhone / iPod Touch. You’ll also be able to listen to audiobooks on Kindle, and even email people. More importantly (for readers anyway), it’ll have a small reading light on an adjustable arm.

It’s expected to cost $399, and Amazon is apparently signing up dozens of newspaper publishers to support the device too, delivering daily e-versions of their print editions. Here’s hoping that a.) this latest rumour is true, and b.) if so, Kindle comes to the UK sooner rather than later.

(via CNET News)

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