Rumour: Amazon's Kindle wireless e-book reader set for October launch


amazon_kindle2.jpgE-books have been the Next Big Thing for years now, but there’s finally some substance behind the claim. The New York Times is claiming that Amazon’s much-rumoured Kindle e-book reader device will go on sale in October, costing $400-$500 in the US. What’s more, they reckon it’ll wirelessly connect to an e-book store on

Apparently, the Kindle will have some free reference books preloaded, and will also offer subscriptions to news feeds from newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, Le Monde and… the New York Times (which makes this a well-sourced rumour, hopefully). It also has a keyboard, scroll-wheel and web browser, although its E-Ink screen can’t show colour or animation.

The news has got me wondering about Amazon’s plans to launch a digital music store, though. Could the company also launch its own music playing device, capable of buying tunes wirelessly too? It’d be in direct competition with Apple’ new iPod Touch if so…

(via New York Times)

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