Sony's Blu-ray presentation paints less than rosy picture of format

Blu-ray, HD DVD


Sony’s presentation at CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo), which tried to show the superiority of the Blu-ray high definition disc format over rival HD DVD, in fact showed a rather erratic, and currently only slightly higher, total sales volume.

Though it shows Blu-ray sales have always been higher (except in mid April), it clearly proves that Blu-ray is not stealing the format war. Additionally, the graph stops in mid-May — what’s happened since?

Some of Blu-ray’s peaks are likely to have been caused by major film releases, but HD DVD’s sales figures certainly look more stable. Better sustainable?

Most consumers couldn’t really care less, though – all they really want is a reliable format that won’t become obsolete six months down the track.

(Via DailyTech)

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