GEAR4 claim they'll be first to market with new iPod accessories, applaud Apple's strategy



With the advent of new iPods (Classic, widescreen Nano, Touch) comes the opportunity for a whole new range of iPod accessories.

GEAR4 reckon they’ll be the first company to market new cases for the new iPods, with some silicon, hard, and combination cases being available within the week.

What’s interesting is their viewpoint that, not only will Apple continue to dominate the portable media player market, but that “heavy iPod users” need at least two, or possibly three, iPods.

Tom Dudderidge, CEO of GEAR4, commented, “As with every Apple launch in recent history, these products put Apple years ahead of the competition. I cannot see a possible future where Apple doesn’t dominate this category. The best part of the strategy for Apple is that now every heavy iPod user needs at least two, possibly three iPods. We are very excited about the possibilities for iPod accessory makers like GEAR4 and how the new products will revitalise the market for the Christmas season.”

Of course it’s great news for accessory manufacturers, too, particularly if they’re allowed to use the “Made for iPod” logo, but what do you reckon to even the most ardent iPod fans needing several models?

Is this another part of the slick marketing machine?

Naturally, we’ll keep you updated with the next wave of “must have” iPod accessories when they surface.

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