Nintendo releases 'Pro' Wii controller


Nintendo’s got a new controller for the Wii, in addition to the Wii Remote/Nunchuk combo and the ‘classic’ controller, used to play retro console games. It’s called the “Pro”.

It rejects some of the differences between the classic controller and most other gamepads, adding back in the ‘legs’ and moving the wire back to the top of the device. The shoulder buttons are also made more accessible, and the whole thing’s put on some weight, too.

Unfortunately, there’s “no plans” for a European release, let alone any pricing. I wouldn’t chuck away your classic controllers just yet.

(via Eurogamer)

MWC 2009: Nokia takes the wraps off the 6710 Navigator and 6720 Classic


This is the Nokia 6710 Navigator, newly announced at MWC 2009 in Barcelona. It’s almost more of a satnav than a handset, because it’s packed with all sorts of mapping technology.

It comes with ‘drive and walk’ navigation, as well as full regional maps, a dedicated navigator button on the front of the phone, a touch area for zooming in and out, and a large display tuned to daylight viewing conditions.

Maps with Ovi will allow users to plan a journey on their PC and then sync it with their device, and the inclusion of a compass will mean that you won’t get lost when you fly south for the winter. In the box comes a car holder, and there’s also a car-mounted speakerphone available.


As for the 6720 Classic, it’s got noise cancellation and a curved design that Nokia claims will significantly improve call quality. Good battery life, “high-speed” internet, which I’m presuming means HSDPA, and TV-out capability.

No more specs than that yet, I’m afraid, but we do have prices and release dates.The 6720 Classic will show up in Q2 at an estimated price of €245 (£220) and the 6710 Navigator will appear shortly after in Q3 for not much more – just €300 (£270).

Nokia announces trio of new "classic" mobile phones: 6700, 6303, 2700


Nokia has just announced the latest models in its “classic” line of mobile phones — namely the 6700 classic, 6303 classic, and 2700 classic. Detailed specs are fairly sparse at present (hopefully Nokia will put up some more info soon), but let’s take a look and see what we can glean.

Nokia 6700 classic

First up is the Nokia 6700 classic, (pictured top left) which supposedly “continues the legacy of the Nokia 6300”. This slim, smooth handset offers a 5-megapixel camera, A-GPS navigation and Nokia Maps, and high-speed data connection for audio and video. That’s all the info we’re getting at the moment, except that it’ll cost €235 (about £215) before subsidies etc…

Nokia announces 6212 classic mobile with 3G and Near Field Communication


The Nokia 6212 is the Finnish company’s latest 3G handset, which also features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that can be used to interact with other nearby gadgetry.

One increasingly popular use for NFC is mobile ticketing, which is expected to go mainstream by 2011. Though SMS is also used, the Nokia 6212 will be able to take advantage of this emerging technology which can also be used for swapping data and multimedia between compatible handsets, and for a range of other functions…