Nokia announces 6212 classic mobile with 3G and Near Field Communication

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nokia_6212_classic.jpgThe Nokia 6212 is the Finnish company’s latest 3G handset, which also features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that can be used to interact with other nearby gadgetry.

One increasingly popular use for NFC is mobile ticketing, which is expected to go mainstream by 2011. Though SMS is also used, the Nokia 6212 will be able to take advantage of this emerging technology which can also be used for swapping data and multimedia between compatible handsets, and for a range of other functions.

NFC is something Nokia is making quite a fuss about, having their own Head of Near Field Communications, Jeremy Belostock, who enthusiastically says, “NFC-capable handsets such as the Nokia 6212 classic are set to change the way mobile phone users interact with devices and services in their surroundings. With ever-increasing device functions and services available, ease-of-use is essential. One way to keep things simple is NFC.”

For those of us just as concerned about the rest of the phone’s features, it comes with a two-inch QVGA display, two megapixel camera, FM radio, multi-format music player, and up to 4GB of microSD-based storage.

It should be available from the Autumn, price and networks to be confirmed.

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