Games about to overstep the mark – American companies planning exam-studying DS game


SAT-kaplan-revision-test-ds.jpgIt’s all a bit American this story, so pay attention.

A company called Kaplan makes stuff that helps children study for their SATs. SATs are American exams. Kaplan has teamed up with game maker Aspyr Media, to make a game that helps American youths study for their SATs. The game will be on Nintendo’s DS and PC, eventually.

“The reality is that for a lot of students, the way they study has changed,” said Kaplan big cheese Kristen Campbell. “This is a great way to supplement our tutoring or classroom programs.”

We’re fairly sure this is also a great way to cheat. We’re also fairly sure it’s going to be like an incredibly boring copy of Brain Training in the end, so is pretty unlikely to be a crossover smash. We’re just doing something on it now in case it happens to catch on. Then we can say you read about it here first.

(Via Alley Insider – image via Newsweek)

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