Tech Trumpet: Nokia Classic Ring Tone Mix

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Welcome to Tech Trumpet, where I attempt to make vaguely musical sounds using a variety of gadgets and computers.

Following today’s announcement of Nokia’s latest Classic handsets, I thought I’d put together a little ditty made up of classic Nokia ring tones.

Now, grant me a little artistic licence here, because I can’t absolutely guarantee that all of the sounds heard on this track are genuine, original Nokia sounds — however, a lot of them are recognisable, or at least mobile phone-esque.

There are definitely no prizes for anyone who takes this MP3 and puts it on their own mobile phone as a complete ringtone. You will, instead, be shot at dawn, with your mobile phone in hand.

(If you’re having trouble with the player above, you can download the MP3 file here)

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Andy Merrett
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  • Hi Andy,
    I’ve tried a couple of times to listen to your sounds but the Quicktime stream always shows as a broken link/ just WON’T work! I’ve tried on both my home and work PC’s

    Because of this I am now feeling suicidal. So, if you could email either the Nokia file or a different link over to me, then me and my wee Nokia can find a wall to be shot against (although I’ve not asked it if it wants to die yet).



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