Tech Trumpet: The Noise

Tech Trumpet


This week’s Tech Trumpet has been sequenced entirely from the iPhone’s new Pro [iTunes link] synthesiser.


I’ve been waiting a while for this application to come out. As you should be able to hear even from the few built-in audio patches I’ve used in this recording, it’s pretty versatile.

The press release reads: “ is capable of creating all kinds of melodic sequences, basses, leads, keys, bells, percussive sounds and sound effects. Designed by an experienced electronic musician, makes it possible to create 303-like acid basslines or any other melodies using the built-in sequencer, or jamming live in sync with the rhythm using the TapBPM feature. Extensive sound control possibilities are implemented – fingersliding, multitouch, accelerometer, velocity-sensitive dual keyboard and a modulation matrix. utilizes an original synth technology called ESFM and features 3 generators, 2 filters, 3 LFO, 3 sequencers, 6 effects, unlimited presets, extensive user support and much more.”


Having played around with it for a few days, I’m really impressed. I haven’t delved into sample creation and the sequencer section yet, but it all looks pretty advanced.

Given that this is running on the iPhone, which is never going to be as powerful as a desktop or notebook PC, the results are pretty impressive, as is the interface which is pretty easy to use even on the relatively small screen.


I shall definitely be using as part of my instrument setup from now on. Hopefully, the record function will be in place soon, which will allow it to be used as a scratchpad for musical ideas.

So, here’s “The Noise”. None of the sounds have been processed in any way – this is directly as they came out of the iPhone software. They’ve just been arranged in GarageBand and mixed to MP3.

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