Thanksgiving Tech Trumpet: Computer SSB


Yes, it’s that time of year when Americans take a bit of time out and give thanks for… well, things.

In honour of that, here’s a special Tech Trumpet – a computerised version of the Star Spangled Banner.

You wouldn’t expect me just to play the tune without modifying it though, would you?

Course not, which is just as well, because this is a very special version of the song…

Tech Trumpet: The Noise


This week’s Tech Trumpet has been sequenced entirely from the iPhone’s new Pro [iTunes link] synthesiser.


I’ve been waiting a while for this application to come out. As you should be able to hear even from the few built-in audio patches I’ve used in this recording, it’s pretty versatile…

Tech Trumpet: Mad Skype Mix


Welcome to a new weekly feature: Tech Trumpet. Each week, I’ll be attempting to create something vaguely resembling “music” using various gadgets and computers.

This week, to ease things in gently, here’s a track made up entirely of sounds from my favourite piece of communications software, Skype. I’ll leave you to judge whether it’s electronica, synth, ambient, all or none of the above.

Hit the jump to play the music and find out what’s coming next week…

Korg DS-10 synth for Nintendo DS – spark your own '80s electro pop revival


Classic 80s synthesizer, the Korg MS-10, is currently being recreated inside the diminutive Nintendo DS handheld console. Far from being some cheap hack ported on to a SD card and slapped into a dodgy machine, this is fully functioning, absolutely 100% official synth, drum machine and sequencer. It’s called the Korg DS-10 – can you see what they’ve done there?