Tech Trumpet: Old '80s Computers Rickrolled

Tech Trumpet


Firstly, an apology to anyone eagerly awaiting a track composed from the “interesting looking audio boxes sitting next to me”. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet got all the wires and other gear required to do them justice.

This week, I’ve dug out what may well be the earliest example of Rickrolling. Take a few defunct ’80s computers (the BBC Model B, to be precise), a discarded dot matrix printer or two, a few industrial monsters, and a handful of sound effects that never quite made it into any successful game, and you have a late-Eighties Rickroll extraordinaire.

By the sound of it, the frustrated user tried to flush Rick out of the system, failed, and then let the ancient machinery take over.

Listen if you dare.

See you next week for some more audio bizarreness.

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