INTERVIEW: Electro legend Jean-Michel Jarre on his 11ft AeroDream iPad dock

Tech Digest got a little starstruck at this year's IFA 2011 conference, as we got to meet electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre. The electro star's presence caused quite a stir at the show, not least of all thanks to…

Shooting Watch will give you mad Track & Field skills


Remember Track & Field? The 1988 NES game where you bashed two buttons as quickly as you possibly could to make your way through a number of athletic events. Well, your poor finger joints won’t thank you, but now you can relive those days.

The Shooting Watch counts how many times you can hit the A and B buttons under a certain time limit. Think of it like a treadmill, but for toning your gaming muscles. Oh, and just so you don’t feel cheated, you can use it as a stopwatch, too.

The little keychain device can be yours for 1800 Yen (£13.50 or so) here.

(via DVice)

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Tech Trumpet: Old '80s Computers Rickrolled


Firstly, an apology to anyone eagerly awaiting a track composed from the “interesting looking audio boxes sitting next to me”. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet got all the wires and other gear required to do them justice.

This week, I’ve dug out what may well be the earliest example of Rickrolling. Take a few defunct ’80s computers (the BBC Model B, to be precise), a discarded dot matrix printer or two, a few industrial monsters, and a handful of sound effects that never quite made it into any successful game, and you have a late-Eighties Rickroll extraordinaire…

If you were born in the 80s: Nintendo console keychain


Just looking at this keychain makes me misty-eyed remembering days spent playing Super Mario and Tetris until it was time to watch Thundercats, Transformers and Voltron. Clearly made for us 80s kids, this nostalgic wonder features miniature versions of the console, a game cartridge and the NES controller.

Display your gaming history and inspire do-you-remember’s with mates you used to trash in Street Fighter with this officially-licensed keyring for only $5.99.

Product Link (Via Coolest Gadgets)