10 Fabulous 80's Boomboxes

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It seems like the BoomBox is about to make a bit of a come back, with even Urban Outfitters carrying an iPhone Boombox. While it has a retro cool look to it, we miss the real thing and began a bit of a hunt to track down the stars of this 80’s phenomenon from the JVC R646 to the Grundig RR 1000

The boombox, which reached its prime in the the 1980s, and was the must have item of the decade with 1000’s of different models released. So we were super excited to come across this amazing site stereo80s.com completely dedicated to the single piece Boomboxes of the 80’s. The site is constantly being updated with the goal of having information on every boombox ever in one place.
Make sure to check it out and see if you can find your old boombox.

Currently there are hundreds of boomboxes in the database so we decided to compile a list of 10 ghetto fabulous boomboxes.

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