BT I-Plate to boost your home broadband


If it’s just taken you five minutes to download this page then you might be pleased to hear that BT Wholesale has started distributing a little gadget to improve your surfing speed.

The BT I-Plate is a filter that sits in your phone jack and blocks out interference from your lighting, wiring, TV and any other techno-gadgetry that might be slowing down your internet speed.

It’s been on trial for the last six months with a handful of BT users and has made improvements of up to 1.5Mbs in 70% of those homes. So, help is finally at hand if you live a little too far from the exchange or have been having problems with your set up – that is, assuming you haven’t already turned your back on BT after one too many conversations with Sub-Continental call centres.

The I-Plate will be send out to all ISPs, some of whom will give it to you for free, but BT’s own customers, however, can expect to be charged a tenner. Thanks BT.

(via Inquirer)

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