Christmas Tech Trumpet: Twelve Days of Christmas

Tech Trumpet


It’s the third Christmassy Tech Trumpet, where I attempt to make vaguely musical (and festive) sounds using a variety of gadgets and computers.

Actually, I’ve cheated a bit this week due to the pressures of Christmas preparation and a lack of Vitamin C, and instead am sharing with you one of the most wonderful Christmassy MIDI files I’ve ever heard.

It’s amazing for so many reasons. Twelve Days of Christmas is a very long song with a lot of repetition, MIDI files are prone to getting the odd stuck note and weird combination of instruments from time to time. Whoever crafted this one took the time to use nearly the entire set of General MIDI instruments, and even programmed a fairly impressive electric guitar solo too (no, really).

So give it a listen. Yule love it 🙂

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