Mobile phone industry regulator sniffs suspiciously at premium-rate downloads, plans to probe


UK premium-rate mobile phone services, offering ringtones, downloads and games, are going to have to watch their backs. Industry regulator, PhonepayPlus (which sounds very much a premium-rate mobile service itself if you ask me), has said that it will be closely examining the practices of these service providers following a surge in complaints from consumers…

Apple may launch official iPhone ringtones via iTunes on Wednesday

Even before the iPhone launched, we’ve been expecting there to be some way of purchasing and uploading ringtones to the iPhone via iTunes. Now several prominent US newspapers are reporting that Steve Jobs could use his special event on Wednesday (the star of the show rumoured to be new touchscreen, Intel-based iPods) to launch an iPhone ringtone service.

As the Crazy Frog will tell/irritatingly shout at you, there’s money to be made from ringtones, particularly as Apple may wish to cash in on the iPhone’s ability to assign individual tones to each contact.