Beat Crazy Frog at his own game!

Mobile phones

fonepark.jpgNo, not by releasing a rubbish Hi-NRG cover of an old soft-rock tune while doing your best washing-machine impression over the top. Really.

Instead, a new service called Fonepark lets you set up your own Jamster wannabe, selling ringtones, wallpapers and mobile games. It’s free to set up and run your own site using the service, you get 80% of the profits, while Fonepark takes 20% in return for hosting the site and handling billing and customer service.

Sadly, Fonepark doesn’t supply the multimillion pound budget you’ll need to book up hours of advertising time on digital channels, to really take on the evil Frog. But still, it’s an intriguing idea.

(Fonepark website)

Stuart Dredge
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