Adult star Tera Patrick to host mobile porn portal

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tera002.jpgThink watching top-shelf DVDs makes you go blind? Try watching a two-inch screen. Yet mobile adult content is growing pretty fast, as I heard from Brickhouse Mobile at 3GSM last week.

Now adult star Tera Patrick has signed up to host a mobile portal called, er, Moistmob. Tera will have her own blog on the site, talking about new features and her latest exploits, as well as a bunch of videos for download.

Tera’s not the first adult star to launch her own mobile content, mind. Everyone’s favourite fugly dude Ron Jeremy has his own range of mobile content, while Jenna Jameson famously launched a series of ‘MoanTones’ – ringtones of… well, you can probably work it out for yourself.

(via Pocket Picks)

Stuart Dredge
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