Popularity of buying digital goods via mobile phone set to soar

Mobile phones

mobile_phone_pound_sign.gifNew research suggests that, globally, two billion mobile users will have bought digital goods using their phones by the year 2013.

“Digital goods” means anything that can be delivered directly to the phone over the cellular network or Internet, including ringtones, music, videos, electronic tickets, TV programmes, and games.

Howard Wilcox, author of Juniper Research’s report, said, “Many digital content goods and services are becoming basic “must haves”, particularly in the sub-35 age group. Devices like the iPhone, even in its 3G incarnation, are undoubtedly contributing to consumer awareness and usage of mobile music services. People who are 15 to 20 today will expect to buy directly with their phones and will drive this market over the next few years.””

The research forecasts that mobile users will buy two digital items per month, with nearly half of all phone users having bought digital goods at least once by 2013.

The report also suggests that mobile phones will increasingly be used to buy other products and services over the Internet, as an extension of online shopping.

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Andy Merrett
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