Plica dual-screen mobile phone concept

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Mobile phones becoming ever more like powerful mini computers is even more apparent on the Plica than on the likes of the iPhone or Nokia N95.

Though only a concept at present, the idea is appealing. Take two decent-sized screens, one of which can be used for touch input, and the other for display. Reminiscent of the Nintendo DS, particularly when opened out in mini-notebook style, the entire virtual keyboard can be used horizontally, allowing for greater typing accuracy. Of course, other methods of input would simply be a software change away.

The unit could also be used with the screens folded behind each other, and both screens could be used for viewing the same web page or document, giving more screen real estate.

Designed by James Platt, the unit has no commercial backing yet, but it could easily be picked up, as larger touchscreens and more feature-laden handsets are very popular right now.

(Via New Launches)

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