Concept: Xbox 360 / Zune handheld with a phone thrown in for good measure


The rumours come in and out on an almost seasonal basis about Microsoft creating the Xbox 360/Zune hybrid handheld but in the absence of anything recent, T3 has got their concept artists on the case to give an impression of just what this gamer’s nirvana might look like, and here it is.

Of course, this incarnation is effortlessly chic, in tone with the kind of lines one might expect of future iPhones, while still keeping the Microsoft characteristics but, as far as the spec goes, all they’re thinking so far is 64GB of flash storage and a telephone while they’re at it.

I very much doubt Microsoft is watching but if they do make anything like that, they can count me in.

(via T3)

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Daniel Sung
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  • that would be the greatest thing ever created…and if it had mobile web 6.0< it would blow everything off the market

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