Home made arcade joystick – for old school finger tapping fan


This one’s probably beyond me and I’ve a feeling a small grope at the screen is about as close as I, and most of you, will get to this home made arcade joystick but frankly it’s just nice that someone’s out there still looking to game in the old school style.

Memories of Mortal Kombat II and Track ‘n Field fill my mind but, of course, this student from NJIT has crafted the piece for use with the Neo-Geo, PS2 and the Dreamcast, just in case you still play them.

She’s not exactly a looker, she’s a little bulky and guaranteed to wind your girlfriend up – well, certainly mine anyway – but just looking at it makes me want rattle those buttons for super running speed in that way I first saw someone do in an arcade in Devon so many years ago. Ahh, the memories.

Home-made joystick (via Gearfuse)

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Daniel Sung
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