Banish stinky suits with the Farago Aircool suit: only in Japan?


japanese_deodorising_suit.jpgFor the man with overactive sweat glands comes the Farago Aircool suit, designed to neutralise the nasty niffs associated with stale sweat before they develop and ensure that you’re the only person in every meeting you attend.

Available in Japan, the suit has special “antimicrobial silver ions power” sewn into the lining, which helps to deodorise the material and the wearer.

It’s difficult to work out much more about the suit and trousers, because the site is in Japanese (not surprisingly) but I’m sure we all know a few business folk who could use such apparel.

Also available are deodorant T-shirts, polo shirts, and socks. The suits cost around £200.

Product page (via Crunch Gear)

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Andy Merrett
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