VIDEO: Japanese exoskeleton suit called "HAL".

There’s a long comic book tradition of people going slightly doo-lally, building massive robot suits in their garage, and then stomping all over their enemies. Well, the Japanese just did it. They’ve built HAL, who looks like he’ll stomp all over you in an instant.

HAL is worn over your arms and legs, and uses eight motors to attached to your shoulders, elbows, knees and waist to control your movements. Let just hope that whoever’s controlling it has the same ideas about what you want to do as you do. Still, longer term, this could be an incredible help for the disabled.

(via WeirdAsiaNews)

eBay Nutcase of the Week: Bigfoot hoaxers sell their fake rubber suit and accompanying chest freezer


Remember the latest Bigfoot hoax that tricked a few extremely gullible conspiracy theorists on the internet a few months back?

Well, you can now purchase a very special souvenir of the event – the actual rubber suit shown off to the world as a discovered Bigfoot corpse. You also get the original chest freezer the body was shown in, like it’s a big toy in a presentation case…

Banish stinky suits with the Farago Aircool suit: only in Japan?


For the man with overactive sweat glands comes the Farago Aircool suit, designed to neutralise the nasty niffs associated with stale sweat before they develop and ensure that you’re the only person in every meeting you attend.

Available in Japan, the suit has special “antimicrobial silver ions power” sewn into the lining, which helps to deodorise the material and the wearer…

Shiny Video Review: Marks & Spencer's £149 iPod-compatible suit

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I think this video review is my best yet. But that’s only because I was joined by the lovely Stuart Waterman, our Production Assistant here at Shiny Media, who is possibly the World’s Wittiest Man. Be kind to him, it was his ever first video, bless.

In today’s video, we look at the iPod-compatible suit jacket from Marks and Spencer. Simply connect your iPod to the attachment inside…