Clothe yourself silly with this web 2.0 social-networking t-shirt

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We’ve seen plenty of geek t-shirts grace the virtual pages of Tech Digest before, but I don’t think none of them match the geek cred exuded by this web 2.0 effort. No, not even the flashing Wi-Fi reception top.

As your beady eyeballs can see, the shirt features a list of all the most popular social networking sites – all 79 of them. Wearers can use a marker pen to tick off all the sites they belong to, then display all to all and sundry when out and about at web 2.0 conventions and Digg meet-ups etc. I feel like an EPIC FAIL for only being able to tick off 13 on the list, but at least there’s three blank spaces to fill your own in.

Prices start at $16.90 and they come in various styles for both male and female cyber-space addicts – any interested UK people, I just bought one and postage was only £5! Look out for me on the streets of London, looking like a web 2.0 dweeb.

Take a look under the jump for the whole list of sites on the t-shirt.


Web 2.0 t-shirts (via Geekologie)

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