Shiny Video Review: The Wi-fi t-shirt



We wrote about this t-shirt eons ago, but Zara felt it was time to get ahold of one and model it for, err, review purposes. Her exact words over on Shiny Shiny are “try not to stare at my chest”, so I’ll trust you’re all not too pervy.

If you fancy one too…

Clothe yourself silly with this web 2.0 social-networking t-shirt

We’ve seen plenty of geek t-shirts grace the virtual pages of Tech Digest before, but I don’t think none of them match the geek cred exuded by this web 2.0 effort. No, not even the flashing Wi-Fi reception top.

As your beady eyeballs can see, the shirt features a list of all the most popular social networking sites – all 79 of them. Wearers can use a marker pen to tick off all the sites they belong to, then…