Wi-Fi detector t-shirt – glow in a hot spot

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You know when you have truly entered the land of geek – instead of booting up your laptop to check for a hot spot, you just need to look down at your Wi-Fi detector t-shirt.

Exclusive to ThinkGeek, this techno-top features glowing bars on the front that change as the Wi-Fi signal strength changes. It checks for 802.11b or 802.11g, uses an animated decal (which can be removed for washing) and is powered by 3x AAA batteries hidden away in a small pocket.

Ideal for dress down day in IT support, it’s yours later this month for $29.99 (around £15).

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One thought on “Wi-Fi detector t-shirt – glow in a hot spot

  • I actually saw three completed tools wearing this shirt at a bowling alley last night.
    I had to explain to all of the non-geeks that I was with what the deal was.
    I was never so embarrassed to be a geek.

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