Animated Transformers t-shirts, not quite as cool as *actually* transforming obviously!


Four more days until the Transformers film launches in the UK! Four more days until we can feast our (sadly) mortal eyes on what is definitely the movie of the year! Well, apart from The Simpsons movie, of course. Gaaahhh I can hardly wait!

Pledge your alliance to either the Autobots or Decepticons with these animated t-shirts ($34.99) from the nerd equivalent of Ralph Lauren, Think Geek. Each t-shirt lights up in your chosen graphic, and will ensure fellow comrades on the street will be aware of your allegiance. It only requires two AAA batteries, which fit into a small interior pocket inside the shirt. Would prefer a full metal chassis which transforms me into something super-duper swish obviously!

Think Geek’s animated Transformers t-shirts

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