Transformers MP3 player and speakers land in Japan

MP3 players

Still not sick of the Transformers merchandising overload? Good, because Tomy in Japan has plenty more to tempt you – including the Soundwave MP3 player, Frenzy & Rumble speakers and a Convoy iPod dock.

The picture above (and the one over the turn) probably say it all. But just to fill in the gaps, the Soundwave is an MP3 player that gets its storage from SD cards and its power from an AAA battery, enough to give you six hours of playback. And you can play that music back via the Frenzy & Rumble speakers. Finally, the Convoy iPod dock, which obviously charges your Apple player, but also throws in a pair of 2W speakers.

Japan only sadly – so if you want them, get that flight booked.

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Via Akihabara News

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