Brits get easier way to personalise T-shirts with CafePress UK launch


Anyone who’s been hanging around the Internet for a while will probably have come across CafePress, a US-based site that allows T-shirts and various other gift/novelty items to be personalised and shipped.

Nice idea, except for the appalling pound-to-dollar exchange rate at the moment, plus the added cost and delay of importing gear from the States.

Fear not! CafePress has launched its UK web site which should make it less of a hassle to get your designs to the UK and Europe…

Listen to tangle-free music with the Music And Sons headphone-jack t-shirt


Gym-goers should appreciate this product, a graphic t-shirt which has an inbuilt pocket with headphone jack, where you can pop your MP3 player.

The headphones hook in at the collar, which means those 45-minute sessions (ok, 4 minute sessions, I know you too well) on the cross-trainer won’t actually half-garrote you like they currently do.

Keeping your blood supply firmly in your neck’s veins does come at a price though – $70, I’m afraid, gym-goers…

Top 5 gadgets most likely to get you stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5


A gentleman by the name of Brad Jayakody was stopped from boarding his flight at Heathrow Terminal 5 on Monday for wearing an Optimus Prime t-shirt with a cartoon gun on it. Utterly ridiculous as it is, a spokesmen from BAA explained the security policy:

“If a T-shirt had a rude word or a bomb on it for example, a passenger may be asked to remove it.”

Mr Jayakody’s had neither, and that got me thinking about what else they wouldn’t allow you on a plane with and decided to come up with the Tech Digest top five gadgets most likely to get you stopped Heathrow Terminal 5. So, here is the Tech Digest top five gadgets most likely to get you stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5…

Shiny Video Review: The Wi-fi t-shirt



We wrote about this t-shirt eons ago, but Zara felt it was time to get ahold of one and model it for, err, review purposes. Her exact words over on Shiny Shiny are “try not to stare at my chest”, so I’ll trust you’re all not too pervy.

If you fancy one too…