Top 5 gadgets most likely to get you stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5

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A gentleman by the name of Brad Jayakody was stopped from boarding his flight at Heathrow Terminal 5 on Monday for wearing an Optimus Prime t-shirt with a cartoon gun on it. Utterly ridiculous as it is, a spokesmen from BAA explained the security policy:

“If a T-shirt had a rude word or a bomb on it for example, a passenger may be asked to remove it.”

Mr Jayakody’s had neither, and that got me thinking about what else they wouldn’t allow you on a plane with and decided to come up with the Tech Digest top five gadgets most likely to get you stopped Heathrow Terminal 5. So, here is the Tech Digest top five gadgets most likely to get you stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5…

sonic-grenade.jpg1.)Sonic Grenade – First up is this dozing buddy/difficult teenager-waker in the form of a hand grenade. There’s nothing complicated about his one – open the door, pull the pin, lob it in and shout, “Fire in the Hole!” as you disappear off downstairs to make two cups of tea with the most evil of electronic shrieks getting quieter every step you walk away.

Make one cup for yourself and the other for your bleary-eyed friend/child who’ll need the pin back off you to stop the racket. You can pick the Sonic Grenade up half price today at Firebox or any other day for just under £10.

pc-bomb.jpg2.)WMD PC Case Mod – I would love to see the face of the stiffs at security as you stroll up to them with this weapon of mass destruction. The WMD PC was made by a fantastic collaboration between AMD, Shuttle, Engleking, Western Digital, Creative, Corsair, Sapphire, Hardware Labs, CoolerCases UK, Kustom PCs, and MNPCTech – to name but twelve-hundred – and orchestrated and executed by Bit-Tech.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not available in the shops but you can read all about it and even find out how it was done.

gun-purse.jpg3.)Gun purse
Just a purse, not a gun and never intended to holster one either but I can’t imagine that cutting much ice at T5. This $289 James Piatt bag, known as “The Persuader”, is a fun little present for all nut-nut Feminazis out there and even comes with the magazine compartment specially designed for your mobile phone. Take a look at the website for photos of general erotica.

hello-kitty-ak-47.jpg4.)Hello Kitty AK-47 – Yes, this is for real, although it may take a second look before anyone stops you at Heathrow. Funnily enough, once again this isn’t something you can get hold of in the shops but frankly, I’d be a little worried about you if a cute assault rifle was your must have gadget of the week. What kind of messed up fool are you; pink with gunmetal grey?

terrorist-t-shirt.jpg5.)I’m a Terrorist t-shirt – If you’re going to get detained for a t-shirt, then at least do it in style. Weirdly enough, this item contains neither a rude word nor a bomb so I’m not sure what BAA would have to say about it, but you can bet your bottom dollar that security will have an enormous sense of humour failure on the matter. My advice – combine it with one of these for the perfect look.

If you can’t afford any of this, then fear not. All you have to do is carry an MP3 player. Apparently, even they look like guns these days.

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