Beam kawaii patterns onto your walls with the Hello Kitty Mangekyo projector


Of all the weird, wonderful, and downright disgusting Hello Kitty-emblazoned gadgets, never have I seen a Hello Kitty projector.

Sadly it can’t beam out films at 1080p resolution, as it’s actually a kaleidoscope projector with three patterned discs you slide in, similar to those viewfinder toys you played with as a child. In addition to splashing colourful Kitty patterns all over your walls, the Mangekyo projector can…

Top 5 gadgets most likely to get you stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5


A gentleman by the name of Brad Jayakody was stopped from boarding his flight at Heathrow Terminal 5 on Monday for wearing an Optimus Prime t-shirt with a cartoon gun on it. Utterly ridiculous as it is, a spokesmen from BAA explained the security policy:

“If a T-shirt had a rude word or a bomb on it for example, a passenger may be asked to remove it.”

Mr Jayakody’s had neither, and that got me thinking about what else they wouldn’t allow you on a plane with and decided to come up with the Tech Digest top five gadgets most likely to get you stopped Heathrow Terminal 5. So, here is the Tech Digest top five gadgets most likely to get you stopped at Heathrow Terminal 5…

Shiny Video Review: Hello Kitty vibrators

I try and limit the amount of sex toys we show here on Tech Digest, instead leaving it up to Zara and the girls over at our sister-site Shiny Shiny. True, they may be electrical products, and give you, ahem, great pleasure much like the latest mobile phone…but really, how many vibrators do you want to see when skiving off work, reading Tech Digest?

I’ll make an exception with this one though, the Hello Kitty vibrators, which…

Try to control yourselves boys, it's just a girl wearing a USB keyboard bra

Like some bizarre hybrid Hello Kitty and a geek’s wet dream, this Angel Kitty USB keyboard bra is…well…it does what it says on the tin. If your £39.99 Ikea-special desk doesn’t quite meet the mark in terms of keyboard-housing capabilities, how about a real life woman with one stuck to her boobs? Just manage to rope one into wearing the outfit (I’d suggest a good few Cosmopolitans laced with Rohypnol followed by a couple of shots of Bacardi), plug ‘er in to the USB slot and off you go. Let’s try and see you pull off this computer peripheral in the office next week!…