If only I had this 'Worst. Keynote. Ever!' t-shirt yesterday at the NMK Forum


worstkeynote.jpg If you were actually working yesterday instead of skiving off and reading Tech Digest like you normally do, you would’ve missed my live-blog from yesterday’s New Media Knowledge Forum conference.

I don’t want to get too nasty here (let’s face it, he is a venture capitalist, and I’m a poor girl with a fetish for expensive vodka!), but let’s just say I really wish I’d been wearing this t-shirt during Nic Brisbourne’s speech yesterday, it would’ve been, ahem, highly relevant.

As Nico Macdonald (Principal of Spy.co.uk) said on the NMK Forum Jaiku feed yesterday, “It would be nice if a VC would talk about real economics, productivity and ambition rather than make timeless and vacuous statements”. Ouch. Ouch, but true.

SpreadShirt ‘Worst. Keynote. Ever!’ t-shirt (via Gizmodo).

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Katherine Hannaford
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