Forget Marc Jacobs, these £830 Gundam t-shirts will definitely put you in the red

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gundam-shirt.jpg Those unfamiliar with Gundam merchandise may be shocked to learn this t-shirt will set you back £830/$1,690, but that’s fairly cheap for a piece of Gundam merch, believe it or not.

After all, these are the people who brought us the $250,000 platinum Gundam, so £830 for a t-shirt isn’t really that bad, particularly when it’s created using Swarovski crystals hand-stitched in the Gundam or Zaku designs popularised by the brilliant Japanese anime.

‘Poor’ Gundam fanboys will be pleased to note that less expensive t-shirts using glass beads will be available for £160. Cheap as chips, psht!

Gundam t-shirts on Plastic Bamboo

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