Zaha Hadid's futuristic broom-broom-brooming towards the Guggenheim Museum


Ok, forget the electricity-powered Toyota I mentioned the other day, this baby is my new dream car. For, you know, when I marry one of the Jetsons and can fly and food comes in little colour-coded pills.

Currently only a prototype winging its way to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City shortly, it was designed by architect Zaha Hadid who normally lends her designing skillz to drawing plans for auto plants, although created that incredibly futuristic kitchen from a few months back that had Star Trek fans creaming their pants. It’s just a single-seater (beat that, Smart cars!), is a little over 12 feet long and runs on a fuel cell-powered engine.

Z.Car at Sci Fi Tech

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Katherine Hannaford
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