Bet Larry David thinks the new Toyato Plug-in HV car is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, preeeetty good!


sslog-larry-david-prius4.jpg What’s good for Larry David is usually good enough for us. That’s why we converted to Judaism, innit.

Admittedly up until now I’ve always been a little hesitant about Toyota’s Prius car, even though Larry is obsessed with his. Maybe it’s just the slight stigma that goes along with the car, that you’ll constantly be branded an eco-friendly idiot.

For those who adore their Prius and want to get into Larry’s inner circle (I’d suggest going bald first), but think the car could be even more green, you’ll be jumping in your hemp clothing for joy at the news that Toyota has just announced a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Plug-in HV.

With only an eight-mile range on the battery (about 13km), it won’t exactly help with your Summer holiday, but would be ideal for popping down to the shops when walking just won’t do.

Powered by a battery chargeable through an electric socket at home, it’ll look great next to your Nan’s electric chair in the garage. And your shrine to Larry David, natch.

Toyota (via Extreme Tech)

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