In Soviet Russia, nuclear reactor goes on truck


If you needed further evidence that the Soviets were more than a little barmy, then here it is. They built a nuclear reactor onto a truck. Thats it, up there. They were used in the more distant corners of the country, presumably because in the more distant corners, fewer people would be irradiated when they used the things.

After the Chernobyl accident, the use of these things was discontinued, but crikey. Imagine seeing one of those things rolling up the main road of your town, village or hamlet. I’d run for my sodding life, wouldn’t you?

Petrol-powered Snowboard is snow joke


Okay, in reality this bears as much resemblance to a regular snowboard as a petrol-powered, three seater lawnmower with cupholders does to a hand-pushed traditional lawnmower, but bright yellow paintwork aside, doesn’t it look awesome?

It’s got a 6.5 horsepower engine, and can carry up to 250lbs as fast as 18mph. That might not sound fast if you’re used to cars, but when you’re whizzing along millimetres from the snow, it feels a damn sight faster than is comfortable. You steer by – *gulp* – leaning to one side, and it’ll run for two hours on three quarters of a gallon of petrol. The cost? A slick US$2,000. At that price, I’ll stick to my skis.

Hammacher Schlemmer (via OhGizmo!)

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Try getting your head around Fujitsu's wraparound car camera


I had to look at this photo a few times before I understood it, but it seems like Fujitsu’s managed to come up with a camera that gives you a 360° field of vision – all around your car. That way there’s less chance of you knocking into that bollard, or running over your neighbour’s cat.

Clapped-out Fiat 126 becomes Flat Out Fiat 126


It’s the sort of thing you’d expect Clarkson, Hammond and May to attempt on Top Gear, but this low-down vehicle is the work of car designer Andy Saunders.

So infuriated was he that his 1985 Mini Claustrophobia lost the world record for “lowest car” to another that he decided to literally mash up a 1989 Fiat 126…

Parrot MKi – handsfree kits for car-based music fans


Parrot, the unfeasibly-difficult-to-Google producer of in-car hands-free kits has just brought out a range of new iPod-enabled music control systems for your vehicle. These devices hook up to your car stereo and allow you to play almost any device through your car speakers…

Have a problem? No-one to help? Maybe you can hire… the A-Team van.

Earlier today my colleague James brought to our attention the incredible story of a man who made a life-size replica of the batmobile from bits of junk and zero help from blueprints. Amazing. But imagine my surprise when i subsequently stumbled upon the website of a man who has made real another infamous vehicle from my childhood.. the mighty black and red-striped beast that is – the A-Team van. And not only that – but it’s available to hire. Really. You can hire it. The A-Team van! Excited? Me? Very.

Opinion: Does Nokia move pave way for car that drives itself?

Jon_small_new.jpgI’ve wanted a car that drives itself ever since I first watched Knightrider. What child of the 1980s didn’t grow up hoping that by the time they turned 17 a real-life version of K.I.T.T. would be on the market. Well, this weekend I turn 30 and that hope is still not a reality some 13 years later…