Have a problem? No-one to help? Maybe you can hire… the A-Team van.

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Earlier today my colleague James brought to our attention the incredible story of a man who made a life-size replica of the batmobile from bits of junk and zero help from blueprints. Amazing. But imagine my surprise when i subsequently stumbled upon the website of a man who has made real another infamous vehicle from my childhood.. the mighty black and red-striped beast that is – the A-Team van. And not only that – but it’s available to hire. Really. You can hire it. The A-Team van! Excited? Me? Very.

It’s a replica, so don’t go thinking you’ll be sitting on Face’s buttock impressions, or sniffing the interior for signs of Hannibal’s cigar smoke. But boy-oh-boy does it look good. Outside, the paint job is picture-perfect with ‘Mud Flare bodykit and Nor Cal wing, perfect Vector wheels and Cooper Cobra tyres’, and a ‘gurgling 5.7L Chevy 350V8 engine’. Gurgling, eh? God, that gets me excited.

Inside the van, things are different to how you remember. That’s mainly because the original van was pretty rubbish and uncomfortable – so this van has been kitted out to reflect a luxury custom build theme, designed around the A-Team show. Which is all fine by me.

Comfortably seating you plus five of your best mates (and the chauffeur driver), you’ll have to fight over who sits in the four swivel captain’s chairs, and who gets to press the A-Team theme music button located on the massive inbuilt surround sound system, and more importantly who gets to ‘pity the fool’.

For long haul journeys (or when trapped in a locked garage by badguys), two flatscreen TVs have been mounted to the interior walls – and what better to watch on them, than the entire library of every A-Team episode ever recorded. Nice.

In fact, look, if you can’t believe just how excited i am about this van – believe this guy:

His reaction is priceless.. like seeing his childhood come to life and speed down the road towards him. “Forget the wedding – i’m off to play A-Team for the day! Whoop!”

That said, he hasn’t seen the bill yet, which weighs in at a really rather pricey £400 for the first hour and £50 per hour after that. But who can put a price on that much fun. I mean… it’s the A-Team Van!!

Note to Editor: Is it about time to think about the Techdigest Christmas Party yet?!

[via Electric Pig]

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  • Is it fitted with blank firing assault rifles, blow torch masks and drugged milk? They must be added, along with a video of Treat Your Mother Right.

    No, hang on. I’ve got it. How about for an extra £100 per hour it comes with a second vehicle that chases you containing a Col. Decker look-alike?

    • Haha! Love the idea of an optional extra of being chased!

      If you liked the A-Team Van, check out – http://www.deloreanhire.net/ – and perhaps if we hire all these cars, we can get down Silverstone and have a race!

  • I am available for a cameo role as a CRAZY passenger for very affordable daily rates.

    • Perhaps as a crazy Southern gas station attendant who fits a tracking device to the van when we’re not looking?

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