Fiat e500 – the electric car gets cool


e500.jpgNo longer Noddy-like, the electric car now has genuine appeal – especially when it looks like the Fiat e500.

Yes, this is essentially the Fiat 500, but with battery power – an advanced lithium-ion polymer battery to be precise. That offers a top speed of 60mph and a range of around 75 miles between charges. Aside from that, it has everything your regular 500 has – right down to extras, crash safety and warranty.

It’s been re-worked by specialist Italian firm called Micro-Vett and being sold in the UK by Nice. You can pre-order one now – although as yet, there’s no pricing available.

Nice (via Retro To Go)

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  • Great News! We are looking at the countries that are doing something effective on “Green” and the ones that aren’t. So come on and show us who is really taking responsibility for our planet rather than just chit chat. The doers are the ones we praise not the critics.
    cheers JP

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