Have a problem? No-one to help? Maybe you can hire… the A-Team van.

Earlier today my colleague James brought to our attention the incredible story of a man who made a life-size replica of the batmobile from bits of junk and zero help from blueprints. Amazing. But imagine my surprise when i subsequently stumbled upon the website of a man who has made real another infamous vehicle from my childhood.. the mighty black and red-striped beast that is – the A-Team van. And not only that – but it’s available to hire. Really. You can hire it. The A-Team van! Excited? Me? Very.

Rustle up some cash, hit eBay, and snag yourself the Austin van that inspired a Wallace & Gromit film

Nick Park, the Wallace and Gromit creator, isn’t just a dab hand with the animation clay, as he’s just shown off his ultra-generous side by selling the van which inspired the car in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit on eBay, for charity.

He’s supporting the Wallace & Gromit Children’s Foundation which helps children’s hospitals and hospices within…