The real McFly – genuine Back to the Future 2 Nike Mag on eBay


Has anyone got $5,000 I can borrow? I’ll pay you back, I promise, but it might take while – not because it’ll be hard getting the money but because I’ll be playing with my genuine Back to the Future II 2015 McFly Nike boot that’s just appeared on eBay!

I’m quivering. I’m actually quivering as I write this. I’m a-quiver. Seeing that Nike had released some completely useless replica of the McFly 2015 last week, known as the Nike Hyperdunk, the prop meister general, who designed the original for the Zemeckis trilogy, dug up the old prototype and put it up for auction…

Is this what eBay has become? Cerys Matthews & Marc Bannerman magazines on offer, whoo?

You know life is well and truly over when you wonder to yourself just how low eBay sellers are stooping these days, and actually log on in search of Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman merch.

I was actually expecting to find homemade silk-screened t-shirts, but alas, there are a few copies of OK magazine, with an ‘exclusive’ interview with the not-in-any-way-publicity-hungry I’m…

Rustle up some cash, hit eBay, and snag yourself the Austin van that inspired a Wallace & Gromit film

Nick Park, the Wallace and Gromit creator, isn’t just a dab hand with the animation clay, as he’s just shown off his ultra-generous side by selling the van which inspired the car in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit on eBay, for charity.

He’s supporting the Wallace & Gromit Children’s Foundation which helps children’s hospitals and hospices within…