Is this what eBay has become? Cerys Matthews & Marc Bannerman magazines on offer, whoo?

eBay goodies from Bayraider

<img style=”margin:5px; float: left;alt=”cerys-matthews-marc-bannerman.jpg” src=”” width=”192″ height=”254″ />You know life is well and truly over when you wonder to yourself just how low eBay sellers are stooping these days, and actually log on in search of Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman merch.

I was actually expecting to find homemade silk-screened t-shirts, but alas, there are a few copies of OK magazine, with an ‘exclusive’ interview with the not-in-any-way-publicity-hungry I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here couple.

£1.75 with three days left, if any bored housewives are interested. Makes you pine for the days of Jesus-toast, really…

OK magazine

If you would like more news on how Marc Bannerman and Cerys Matthews are not in any way, shape, or form engaging in spooning sessions for tabloid inches, check out our Shiny Media blog, Available For Panto.

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