Saddam Hussein's Rolls Royce is (was) on eBay

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saddam-hussein-rolls-corniche-ebay.jpgEvery dictator loves a Rolls – and Saddam’s fantastic Corniche was, until a few hours ago, listed for sale on eBay for £185,000.

Coming in a superb purple – no doubt to help mask the blood of the peasants – the car was apparently bought from the Iraqi government by Surrey-based car dealer Autocontinental which specialises in Rollers, and has the paperwork to prove that its previous owner had a mighty moustache and lived in a palace.

The winning bidder would then have the car shipped over from Baghdad within 28 days, plus Autocontinental is planning on fitting a new stereo – to replace the one it says was ripped out by American soldiers. Sadly, the auction has been pulled – someone either bought it in a hurry or the authorities stepped in.

(Via The Telegraph)

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