The real McFly – genuine Back to the Future 2 Nike Mag on eBay

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Has anyone got $5,000 I can borrow? I’ll pay you back, I promise, but it might take while – not because it’ll be hard getting the money but because I’ll be playing with my genuine Back to the Future II 2015 McFly Nike boot that’s just appeared on eBay!

I’m quivering. I’m actually quivering as I write this. I’m a-quiver. Seeing that Nike had released some completely useless replica of the McFly 2015 last week, known as the Nike Hyperdunk, the prop meister general, who designed the original for the Zemeckis trilogy, dug up the old prototype and put it up for auction.

The Nike Mag, as it was originally known, is just a solitary boot, unfortunately, but it does actually work, albeit with a power pack attached for the straps and LEDs. Apparently, it’s around a size 9 but I don’t suppose that’d matter too much given there’s only one of them anyway. Probably best as an item for the mantlepiece or behind alarmed glass in a temperature controlled environment were it mine.


The starting price was $1,000 and with two days to go it’s already hit $2,550. I’m thinking five grand plus should do it and I seriously would if I were a wealthy man. BTTF 2 is simply one of my all timers and I would weep with joy every time I saw it in pride of place in my home. How about if everyone donates one dollar, I might be able to buy it? I’d post updates every week on how it was getting on? No? Oh well, click fraud it is.

eBay (via Wired)

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