Commercial pet cloning on its way, dogs and camels first


puppy_cloning.jpgA South Korean company has successfully cloned five puppies from the frozen cells of a pitbull who died of cancer two years ago.

Bernann McKinney paid US$50,000 for the puppies, which are confirmed as Booger’s genuine clones.

This case is all quite sentimental, because it sounds as if Booger was a wonder dog who saved its owner’s life, and helped her recuperate from her injuries.

However, in general, dogs don’t need any help reproducing, and we’ve a huge problem with strays, wild dogs, and unwanted pets as it is. Though it might be a nice thought to get an exact biological replica of a lost pet, it’s not very responsible.

Having said that, RNL Bio is only planning to clone around 300 dogs per year, though they’re also interested in cloning camels for customers in the Middle East.

(Via CNN)

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