First dog re-homed via Twitter


Meet Gia. Gia is an Irish Water Spaniel, and she’s not the first dog to be re-homed via Twitter. But she nearly was. Let me explain further.

It started with a tweet from @dogstrust, reading “Irish Water Spaniel or classic pic of Kevin Keegan?“. One follower replied, whose mum was considering getting a dog. She lived near Dogs Trust Ballymena, so after doing a little bit of research, headed over to the centre that afternoon.

They checked out Gia, and after finding her a little “big and hyper”, instead picked up a Pomeranian cross called Suzie. Suzie moved in today. It’s the first time any animal charity has successfully used Twitter to re-home an animal, so congratulations, Dogs Trust! Gia’s still looking for a home, so if you like what you see above, get in touch!

Dogs Trust Blog (via Dogs Trust Twitter)

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Commercial pet cloning on its way, dogs and camels first


A South Korean company has successfully cloned five puppies from the frozen cells of a pitbull who died of cancer two years ago.

Bernann McKinney paid US$50,000 for the puppies, which are confirmed as Booger’s genuine clones.

This case is all quite sentimental, because it sounds as if Booger was a wonder dog who saved its owner’s life, and helped her recuperate from her injuries.

Robot dogs just as good as the real things in reducing the emptiness and loneliness of modern life

robot-dogs-just-as-good-as-real-ones.jpgResearchers at Saint Louis University gave one group of old people in nursing homes a proper biological dog made out of bones and meat, then tried a robotic AIBO out to see how the old folks reacted to the two.

They were both, incredibly, received very similarly, with the oldie subjects bonding pretty much equally with the robotic and real doggies…