Pets Eye View – a camera for your dog or cat's collar


pets-eye-view-camera_main.jpgEver wondered what your pet gets up to during the day? Well, not really but then I am the proud owner of three goldfish. But if you have a larger pet like a cat or a dog you can now snoop on them via a clever £39.99 device that goes on sale via IWOOT in a couple of weeks. The Pets Eye View Camera is a very small snapper that takes 640×480 pics and is designed to be attached to your moggy or hound’s collar.

You then use the auto interval mode to get it to snap pictures at 5, 15 minute intervals etc. As it sits on the collar you will see exactly what your pet does. The camera can store up to 40 images which you then transfer to your PC via USB.

The maker reckons it is small enough to fit most cats and dogs and you could probably get it round the head of your tortoise too.

It sounds fun, but the next gen should have a remote control so you control when the images are take. Also how about a premium version with integrated GPS (to reach your kennel turn around wherever possible).

Here’s also hoping the underwater version for goldfish isn’t too far away – now that would deliver some revealing images.

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