Top five Apple iPod/iPhone Rock and Roll event rumours

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rock-and-roll.jpg‘Rock and Roll’ is the name of the event, but you can bet Apple’s press announcement tonight is much more about technology, product evolution and branding than hairy blokes with guitars. Still nevertheless with a few hours to go the jury is out on whether tonight will be like The Smiths reforming and playing Wembley or a Chas and Dave reunion gig in your local pub.

So to help you decide for yourself here are the top rumours of what Apple may or may not announce today. We do know there will be a new iPod Touch and a new Nano. But what else?

1 An iPod Touch with a built in camera – Well everyone thinks this is going to happen including US retailer Best Buy who even put it on their site yesterday. The theory runs that people would take their Touches out and about a bit more if they had a built in camera. So Apple will probably lob in the same 3.0 mega pixel one that is one the iPhone.

2 A Beatles iPod classic – Yep another limited edition iPod, only this time one worth having. The theory is that it would contain all the Fab Four’s recently remastered albums and probably have Macca giving it the thumbs up engraved on the back.

3 The death of the iPod Classic – Well this is unlikely as Apple will probably continue to sell the old models, but by not announcing a new version Apple could well be consigning the iconic flagship of the Apple fleet (well circa 2005) to the dumper. Well where else can they take it? More storage? A bigger screen?

4 An iPod nano phone – Now this would be left field. A cut down version of the iPhone has been rumoured for a long time and with Android phone appearing every twenty minutes maybe now is the time to launch it. Btw Best Buy has apparently already confirmed a new iPod nano.

5 An Apple tablet PC – Another rumour that gets trotted out every few months. Again it would make sense to launch something that was somewhere between the iPhone and the Macbook Air. Alternatively Apple can unveil its own netbook – think a Macbook Air but half the size and even skinnier with a 10inch screen and running the iPhone’s OS. Now that could work.

5 Project Cocktail – Like this one a lot, it’s a way of repackaging albums on iTunes so they include interactive content including lyric sheets, photos, cover art, sleeve notes and other freebies. The iTunes store needs something innovative and different and this would fit the bill.

And one that is very unlikely, but you never know…

1 Apple pulling out of mobile phone market – Not as daft as it sounds. The iPhone has been a hit in the UK and US but not many other places in the world. Maybe it might make sense to licence the iPhone OS rather than offer the hardware too.

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