South Korean dog-cloning – build an army of Shebas for $50k a pop

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101-dalmations-dog-cloning-in-south-korea.jpgIf your faithful old mongrel is starting to get a bit wobbly on his legs and is going off his food, rip out a lump of its hair and head to South Korea – where “dog cloning” is a genuine service.

Two competing South Korean labs offer the chance to recreate a dog for anything between $50k and $100k, although, of course, this isn’t just so Paris Hilton can keep the same puppy in her handbag for the next 50 years – there’s a serious side to the science.

Working dogs. Clever dogs with the right attitude, the ones good at sniffing out bombs or remants of drugs on students as they come back though customs – they’re the lucky few that will be cloned, thanks to it being cheaper to clone a dog they know is a good learner than waste money training loads of no-hopers.

And you know where this technology is heading – a free Cheryl Tweedy for every man in the UK.

(Via Reuters)

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