$250 kit lets you clone passport RFID chips just by driving past


Chris Paget isn’t a hacker, but he’s got the means to clone the RFID chip in your passport. Think of it as him doing you a favour. Using $250 of off-the-shelf components, Chris built a machine to sniff and clone RFID tags. During a 20-minute drive in downtown San Francisco, he managed to copy two passports completely unbeknownst to their owners.

Paget claims he only built it to show that it’s possible:

“It’s one thing to say that something can be done, it’s another thing completely to actually do it. It’s mainly to defeat the argument that you can’t do it in the real world, that there’s no real-world attack here, that it’s all theoretical.”

For a video of the device in action, click over the jump.

A guitar photocopier, for effortlessly making clones of famous bits of wood


Technically, this is a “wood carving duplicator” but the description “guitar photocopier” seems to fit the automated drilling machine so much better.

“A guide pin follows the contour of the original while a carbide bit does the cutting,” says the listing, creating a precise wooden recreation of your original once it’s finished. It’s so precise it leaves the newly created version only requiring…

South Korean dog-cloning – build an army of Shebas for $50k a pop


If your faithful old mongrel is starting to get a bit wobbly on his legs and is going off his food, rip out a lump of its hair and head to South Korea – where “dog cloning” is a genuine service.

Two competing South Korean labs offer the chance to recreate a dog for anything between $50k and $100k, although, of course, this isn’t just so Paris Hilton can keep the same puppy…

Yahoo! launching Digg clone "Yahoo! Buzz" – no wonder Microsoft was so keen

yahoo-buzz-revealed-social-digg-clone.jpgDisplaying the sort of creativity that’s seen Yahoo! gradually decline for more than a decade, Yahoo! Buzz is a new social news service.

Users will – get this! – be able to “submit” stories, stories which other users will then be able to “vote” on. The more votes a story gets, the higher prominence it’s eventually given on the Yahoo! front page.

Good god, it’s a genius idea. No wonder Yahoo! rejected Microsoft’s $45bn offer – with creativity like this on tap the company will be worth trillions by 2012…

Play Guitar Hero online for free with "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2"

Super-Crazy-Guitar-Maniac-2.jpgOK, now here’s a very annoying thing. Guitar Hero isn’t the best pressing buttons to music game there’s ever been by a long shot.

That would be FreQuency, as spelled out in superb detail by Chris over on our PlayStation blog PSPSPS.tv. FreQuency was made by the Guitar Hero people, only about five years ago when no one cared and when pressing buttons to music in your house wasn’t considered particularly cool…